What I’ve Done

Hooked Co-lead Dog and Pony Productions
The Dry Spell Co-lead Dowdle Brothers Productions
The Tour of Pain Supporting Michael Goldberg, director
The Dance Co-lead Noumenon Productions
Paging Destiny Supporting Greg Huerta, director
Arrested Development Guest Star Netflix, Mitchell Hurwitz, director
Eagleheart Guest Star Adult Swim
Tracey Ullman’s State of the Union Recurring (3 seasons) Showtime
Mad Men Recurring AMC
Lab Rats Series Regular USA Networks, Pilot
Breaking Up Guest Star Oxygen
Cousin Skeeter Guest Star Nickelodeon, Alison Liddi, director
The Closer Guest Star CBS, Andrew Weyman, director
Chicago Sons Recurring NBC, James Burrows, director
Up Front Co-Star Comedy Central, John Getty, director
The Noodle Factor Co-Star Jesse Tallez, director, Pilot
IOWest Mainstage Sketch Company Performer IO West, LA
*Memoirs of a Flaker – solo performance Sacred Fools, LA
*LA Weekly pick of the week, extended run, no audience members hurt, except for that one guy
**Swimming in the Shallows Donna Third Street Theatre, LA
** Best Comedic Ensemble LA Weekly Awards Nomination  
Dance Little Monkey Dance! Executive HBO Workspace, LA
The Graduates Karan Grove St. Theatre, NYC
Back to the Nest Abby Grove St. Theatre, NYC
Scene Study: Actor’s Lab, Los Angeles / Michael Howard Studio, NYC
Improvisation: IO West, Los Angeles
Solo Performance: Paula Killen, Los Angeles
Sketch Writing: IO West, Los Angeles
Audition Technique: Jack Plotnick, Los Angeles / Margie Haber Studios, LA
Meisner Technique: Robert X. Modica, NYC
Sketch comedy writer/performer. Improvisation. Stand up comedy. Marathon runner. Mother.

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