Hello and welcome to my online cry for help!

My name is Jennifer Fitzgerald if the web address didn’t already tip you off.  I am an actor and writer living in Los Angeles pretending it is New York City.

I am a mom, a runner and an insomniac. I don’t trust people who end conversations by declaring, “light and love!”  And if procrastination ever becomes an Olympic event, I will be its Michael Phelps.  Oh also, my big toe can never touch the other ones.  Perhaps I’ve revealed too much.  I was hoping to retain my air of mystery.  Anyway, you can check out my reel and stories here and email me if you want too.

I’ll be adding new stories weekly.  Which, in truth, probably means monthly.  Stay tuned for my parenting blog which is currently in the works too!

Thanks for stopping by, I’m happy you visited me here.  I hope this site, in some small way, helps to make all of your dreams come true.  All of them.  Even the scary ones. Yes, even the dirty ones. Even the ones that wake your cold body up from sweaty sheets in the middle of the night and make you grow to fear sleep.

All of them.

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